Prestashop migration service

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Our prestashop migration service allow you move all data from oldest Prestashop version to latest Prestashop 1.7.x version (Special prestashop migration 1.6 vers 1.7 ). You can migrate products, customers, orders and others data from your store to Prestashop automatically. Just contact us and we will do all for you.


How to migrate from PrestaShop?

My customers alway asked this question, or may be “How can I migrate Prestashop of old version to latest ” or “Do you offer Prestashop migrate service” . And that why we try to find the way can do it with easiest and now, we open new service… PRESTASHOP MIGRATE.

Which version can I migrate ?

You can migrate all versions, from oldest to newest…unlimited…But in fact, you don’t need do it because we will migrate Prestashop for you. Just contact us and we will start for you, or if you want do it by yourself, it total okay. You can do it by yourself but sometime have error happen, we recommend let us do  it for you 🙂

So tell me about the price ?

I guess you have try to Google from another service and module which can allow you migrate your Prestashop, but just think about the price, almost the cost from another company is about $100, but with us…just pay 65$ and we will do it all for you. Where you see it cheap, we will cheaper, it’s enough ?

Fell free to contact us by email: [email protected] if you have any question 🙂

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