Creating products’attributes and features

The attributes and features of product are the main sector which customers pay attention as well as users need to control. Therefore, this topic will show you the way to create the features and attributes of product. 1. How to make it?     Firstly, you should login and open your dashboard to show section […]

All about the Monitoring catalog

It is undeniable that monitoring catalog is an important part in product control. Prestashop 1.7 creates various free module to support the monitor of users. With this topic, you will know all about the monitoring catalog to better your control. 1. Monitoring catalog is  The “Monitoring” page is the section allowing you to concentrate on some […]

Study more about Categories

During your saling product, categories is very important to manage products clearly. Prestashop 1.7 support you a clever module to manage them so useful. 1. What is Categories? Categories is an important part in Catalog which enables you to group equivalent products. Therefore, customers could find anything they want easily by sorting product kind. You […]

Post new product in your catalog

In your saling product, the update of new product is very important to attract customer. Therefore, you need to know the way to post new product to diverse your catalog anyway. This prestashop 1.7 module will show you how. 1. Choose “Product” to login your catalog     2. Click “New product” button     3. […]

Understand more about Shopping carts

To manage the shopping of customer, users need to understand more about the shopping carts to manage better. Therefore, this topic provides you with the useful information on shopping carts – one of the wonderful module of Prestashop 1.7. 1. Shopping carts is     Shopping carts is the display allowing user to view the […]

What is credit slips?

During your sale, sometimes, you will need use credit slips to solve requirement from customers. Therefore, this topic will help you know more about the credit slips. 1. What is credit slips? Credit slips is also called by “credit note” or “credit memo” which is created from the order’s page when you accept the product […]